Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Story of Rama - H Sankaranarayana Iyer

The poems contained in this book have been conceived in a moment of devotional urge and have come to me with a natural and compelling force. The poetry has come from the heart, and though it may not possess the embellishments and scholarship of a poet, the diction, rhyme and versification are like those of the boy who lisped in numbers with the words: "Papa, Papa, pity take, Verses shall I never make", when he was being beaten by his father for speaking in an unnaturally poetic way. I would therefore request that the shortcomings may be overlooked and my compositions taken for what they are worth, for the sake of their devotional themes.

I hope that this publication of mine will arouse a desire in the English mindedpublic, both young and old, to learn more about the stories dealt with here and will thus serve as an introduction to the inexhaustible Treasures of our Indian Puranic Literature to those who have had no opportunity of having direct access to the texts in the Indian languages.

India expects every son and daughter to be conversant with the great stories of the past both for enlightenment and entertainment, and if this publication can give a start in that direction, the author's labours shall not be in vain.
(From the author's preface to the book)


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