Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra - Sanskrit Text with English Translation

Vijnana Bhirava, one of the basic Agamas, is a chapter from Rudrayamala Tantra that contains teachings on Advaita (to be differentiated from Adviata Vedanta). Vijnana Bhairava means "the mystic knowledge of the Ultimate Reality". This text is in the form of a dialogue between the God Siva and Parvati, his divine consort.

Vijnana Bhirava expounds 112 techniques of meditation (Dharanas) or of Union with the Divine. We find in this book an incredible variety of spiritual practices and ways of discovering pure consciousness in all kinds of conditions and circumstances.

Siva says, "If one is established in any of these 112 ways of meditation, one becomes the Bhairava (Divine) himself".



  1. Hi shankara.
    Great website!

    Did you do the translation from sanskrit to english?

    There are a few typos I found:
    pg 29
    lake: take

    pg 30
    sell: self
    I hen: Then

    pg 49
    lames from lire: flames from fire
    slate appears:state appears

    pg 57
    meditation on Fat: meditation on That(?)

    pg 63
    clay: day

    pg 66
    dial: that

    pg 69
    arc lice: are like


    Anyways, great uploads!

  2. Bhaskar,

    No, I did not translate it. I did OCR from a book on Vijnana Bhairava. The errors might have crept in due to my carelessness in proof-reading. Thanks for pointing out them. I will correct them and re-upload the book.

  3. Thank you very much .Vigyana Bhairava Tantra ..is truly the ultimate practical scripture.Superb.When we read osho s explanation on Vignana bhairava tantra in over 1000 pages and also as Book of Secrets... a lot of hidden truths are brought to light. Would have been great if the romanized sanskrit verses are also given. ..In fact, almost all the most famous hindu preachers who have millions of followers and have great following, use this scriptures teachings for free but make hundreds of millions in the process...Nithyananda of Nithyananda dhyanapeetam is one of them. Ganesan . malaysia

  4. Greetings to you, Shankara for uploading these nice n rare books on Hinduism n make them easily available to download...

  5. Thank you for this download.
    This text is an invaluable part of my sadhana, as it should be for any aspirant on the path to unity.

    Blessings, Dear One,

  6. It is great contribution for huminity

  7. Replies
    1. Link is updated, you can download the book now.

  8. Great, is there any Telugu language translation please

  9. Respected Sir,
    How to express my Thanks , I don't know . But this is great help you are doing by allowing rare collection o f books which is not available easily.
    Be Blessed .
    My warm regards and Respect to your Generosity.
    Vakharia M J

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    1. Nothing wrong with download link. I checked it just now. You can try again.

  11. Thank you Shankara - bless you for the downloads.

  12. Which book did you take this from?

  13. Thanking you very much and appreciating your work plz publice Hindi version also if possible