Friday, September 11, 2009

In Woods of God Realization - Swami Rama Tirtha - Volume 3 - 1913 Edn

This is the third volume of Complete Works of Swami Rama Tirtha that has been compiled in 7 volumes.

Described as “one of the greatest souls, not only of India, but of the whole world” by Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Rama Tirtha (1873-1906) was a living embodiment of the teachings of Vedanta. One of the greatest saints and philosophers of India, Rama Tirtha brought the message of yoga and Vedanta to Japan, Egypt, and the U.S. In the Woods of God Realization is a complete collection of his writings and lectures. In this seven volume work Rama Tirtha presents a practical and inspiring view of Vedanta and also discusses timely topics such as married life and God-realization, Vedanta, Christianity and Islam, war and peace, and India's destiny.



  1. Hi Shankara,

    The 1st 3 volumes are available for download on the Internet, any chance of getting the balance 4 volumes...?

    Much appreciated.

    Thank You,

    Ramani (Malaysia)

  2. Ramscott,

    I am preparing the 4th volume. It may take some time. In fact this volume is a compilation of his note books.

    The remaining volumes were published after 1950 as I understand it. So, they may not be in the open domain. So, it is not safe to upload them in the internet.

  3. Thank you for your hard work! I'm sure Rama will be thankful to you! I'm still reading volume 1 and Rama Tirtha's Story but I'm waiting for the 4th version..

    You are doing a much more important and valuable work than you can imagine! For all of these stories and parables I read about.. one day I would share them myself with my audience and my readers! :-)

    Thank you very much and lots of Love!

    You are welcome to my blog:

    Gil :-)

  4. Swami Rama Tirtha was a great exponent of path of God realization! Reaching stage of God realization announces culmination of all things spiritual! The stage of god realization can be reached by anyone establishing absolute control over five senses and mind. Furthermore practice of absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation is also necessitated! God realization is the highest stage that can be achieved by human beings!

    God realization has a deeper connotation... in English it simply stands for reaching stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)! Gaining God realization means becoming a man God like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed!

  5. Hari Om Shankara, can you please upload mp3 bhajans of Swami Ram Tirth? Any how I have managed to download a few of them as listed below
    1) Ye Sair Kya Hai (Side A & B)
    2) Purashishe gum ka shukriya
    3) Tere Karam Se Benayaj
    I love his bhajans from the core of my heart. Please manage more of his bhajans if available. Please...

  6. Om,

    I was not aware of Bhajans of Swami Rama Tirtha. I got his books from various digital libraries of Indian Govt. I would like to know from where you got his bhajans.

  7. Hari Om Shankara,
    Sorry I could not reply you as I am very new with blogging and irregular on it.
    Link for Purashishegum ka shukriya is
    And link for Ye Sair kya hai is
    Link for tere karam se benayaj is

    Please help me in searching more of his bhajans. Now I shall be regular in blogging. Thank you
    Hari Om

  8. i have swami ramtirth bhajans

  9. File invalid, it says. Please check

    1. I have rectified the download link. You can download the book now.