Thursday, May 6, 2010

Valmiki Ramayana English Prose Translation in 7 volumes - Manmatha Nath Dutt

English Prose translation of the complete Valmiki Ramayana by Shri Manmatha Nath Dutt in 7 volumes.

The Ramayana is certainly one of the world's oldest legends. Modern scholars claim that it was first composed around 300 BC. The devout Hindu believes that Rama lived many hundred millennia ago, in the treta yuga, and that was also when Valmiki first told his immortal story. The epic is called the Adi Kavya, the world's first poem. The God Brahma himself is meant to have inspired Valmiki to create his classic, in twenty-four thousand slokas. The true purpose of the Ramayana is to awaken its reader spiritually, and to send him forth on the great journey that leads to Moksha, to God.

The poem is traditionally divided into several major kandas or books, that deal chronologically with the major events in the life of Rama -

1. Bala kanda
2. Ayodhya Kanda
3. Aranya Kanda
4. Kishkinda Kanda
5. Sundara Kanda
6. Yuddha Kanda and
7. Uttara Kanda.

The Bala Kanda describes the birth of Rama, his childhood and marriage to Sita. The Ayodhya Kanda describes the preparations for Rama's coronation and his exile into the forest. The third part, Aranya Kanda, describes the forest life of Rama and the kidnapping of Sita by Ravana. The fourth book, Kishkinda Kanda, describes the meeting of Hanuman with Rama, the destruction of the vanara king Vali and the coronation of his younger brother Sugriva to the throne of the kingdom of Kishkindha. The fifth book is Sundara Kanda, which narrates the heroism of Hanuman, his flight to Lanka and meeting with Sita. The sixth book, Yuddha Kanda, describes the battle between Rama's and Ravana's armies. The last book, Uttara Kanda, describes the birth of Lava and Kusha to Sita, their coronation to the throne of Ayodhya, and Rama's final departure from the world.



  1. Is there any way I can find a version like this in book format? I have one translation, and this particular posting has my interest. I would like to purchase a quality translation of the epic for my library... if you have any such information, please feel inclined to let me know! Thank you for posting this.

  2. Adhyatma Ramayana in Sanskrit with Hindi translation:

    This is available for the first time in the internet.

  3. Mishraji,

    Thanks for the link to Munilalji's translation of Adhyatma Ramayana. It seems copyrighted. So, I would prefer not to post it here. Those who are interested may download it from the 4share link as long as it is there.

  4. There is a book "Ramayana"in English translation,almost close to the original written by "Kamala Subramaniam"and its a pleasure to read this book.She has also written "Bhagavadam"and Mahabharatham.I hope this will be of use to u.

  5. Thanks a lot for this link.I was searching for these kandas since a very long time.I appreciate your help.

  6. Hi, thanks for uploading this. But there are few problems with some pages in all the Kandas. Some parts of the text in all the Kandas are ill-legible. Please correct this problem or upload better versions.

  7. Nativehindu,

    Almost all books uploaded on this blog are in the open domain. That means, they were published 80 to 100 years back. It is quite natural for scans of such old books to have some legibility problem. I don't have hard copies of these volumes to rescan them. All the scans are from Digital Library of India.

  8. There are many typographical errors in the books

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  10. THE MAHABHARATA - K M Ganguli -


    Valmiki Ramayana - M N Dutt -

    Please let me know if the versions you are sharing are the same as ones I have shared since there is a version scanned by google which is much better quality however I am unable to find it online ...

    1. Kuldip Thatte, Thanks for sharing the links. Google books has all volumes of Ramayana translation by MN Dutt. They also are of same quality as the files in your folder.

    2. Kuldip Thatte, I have uploaded Google book scans to

  11. Valmiki Ramayana - M N Dutt - Alternate Source as provided by Shankara