Monday, September 6, 2010

Srimad Bhagavad Gita with 11 Sanskrit Commentaries - GS Sadhale 3 - Volumes

The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most revered sacred scriptures of Hinduism and is considered as one of the most important religious classics of the world.

All great Hindu acharyas of all times and from all parts of India have written commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita, most wellknown among them being the commentaries of Sri Sankara, Sri Ramanuja and Sri Madhwa, to name a few.

Sri Gajanan Shambhu Sadhale Sastri compiled the major commentaries on the Gita into a single book. First edition of this book, Srimad Bhagavad Gita with Eleven Sanskrit Commentaries, edited and compiled by him was published (partially) in 1906. Later, this work was published completely as a 3 volume set in 1935.

This book contains the following commentaries.

01. Shankaracharya's Adwaita Bhashya
02. Anandagiri's Vyakhya
03. Ramanuja's Vishista adwaita Bhashya 
04. Deshika's Tatparya chandrika
05. Madhva's Dwaita Bhashya,
06. Jayatirtha's Prameya deepika
07. Hanumat's Paishacha Bhashya
08. Venkatnatha's Brakmanandagiri  
09. Vallabha's Tattva-deepika
10. Purushotama's Amrita tarangini 
11. Nilakantha's Bhava-deepa  
12. Yamuna muni's Artha-sangraha with Deshika's Raksha
13. Gita Mahatmya of each chapter





Complete Set in one file at megaupload (Thanks to Prabhuji)

Complete Set in one file at (Thanks to Prabhuji)


  1. Good contribution. Will like to have aShTaTIkA of gItA too.

  2. Swamiji,

    Is this the book that you are looking for?

    Srimad Bhagavad Gita with 8 Commentaries - Pansikar available at

  3. Definitely. Thanks.
    Wish-list:- mImAMsAkoSha, nyAyakoSha, etc. See if they are available.

  4. Swamiji,

    I do not know much about such technical texts (of Nyaya & Mimamsa). Still I did a search at Digital Library of India ( There are some of these volumes.

    You could download them from there with the help of DLI Downloader developed by Shri Prabhuji. It is available at

    There are thousands of books at DLI, that would be useful to you. Pl try DLI downloader.

    Pl write to me at shankara_2000(at)yahoo(dot)com to know further details.

  5. I found this same book (by Sadhale) of 11 commentaries on Gita in PDF format - Chapter wise and Commentary wise - in the following link:

    This is more convenient to download.

  6. This is a literal Gita treasure house, Swamin. My grateful thanks for making this available to devotees.