Friday, April 29, 2011

Sri Madhwacharya - Biography - English

Sri Madhvacarya, also known as Vasudeva, Ananda Tirtha and Purnaprajna, is one of India’s greatest theologians. He is the founder of dvaita philosophy, and is one of the most important commentators on the Upanisads, Bhagavad-gita and the Brahma-sutras. In addition, he wrote many original works that dealt with important aspects of his new doctrine. In all, he wrote 37 works. Not only did Madhvacarya’s powerful literary output help to establish his teachings during his own lifetime, it has inspired a vast literary tradition that continues to the present day.

His doctrine asserts that this world is real and that there is an eternal and immutable difference between the individual soul and God.


1. Sri Madhwacharya - His life and Times - CNK Aiyar

2. The Life And Teachings of Sri Madhvacharyar - C.M. Padmanabha Char


  1. Nice book. Thanks.

    Another biography of Madhwacharya (471 Pages):

    The Life And Teachings of Sri Madhvacharyar - C.M. Padmanabha Char (1909).pdf

  2. Mishraji,

    Thanks a lot for the link to second biography of the Acharya.

  3. Mishraji,

    I forgot to add that the biography of Madhvacharya by Padmanabhachar is more exhaustive compared to that CNK Aiyar. It is almost 3 times larger in size.

  4. Thanks shankara.

    Yes, Padmanabha's book is more detailed and it has been written from a neutral point of view.

    I got it from DLI and prepared the PDF. However, there are 8 pages (57-64) missing in it.

  5. thanks for the books. though the book by CNK Aiyar contains a lot of author's personal interpretations, it is nevertheless informative..

  6. CNK Aiyer is too biased and opinionated. Nevertheless book is informative