Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Complete Works of Swami Rama Tirtha - Hindi (28 Volumes)

स्वामी रामतीर्थ ग्रन्थावली २८ भागों में
Described as “one of the greatest souls, not only of India, but of the whole world” by Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Rama Tirtha (1873-1906) was a living embodiment of the teachings of Advaita Vedanta. Swami Rama Tirtha visited the United States from 1902-1904 and was one of the first great Swamis to bring the message of Vedanta to the U.S., Japan and Egypt, following in the footsteps of Vivekananda.

Swami Rama Tirtha Granthavali is a complete collection of his writings and lectures in Hindi. In this 28 volumes work, Swami Rama Tirtha presents a practical and inspiring view of Vedanta and also discusses various topics such as God-realization, Vedanta, Christianity and Islam, war and peace, and India's destiny.

Download Complete Works of Swami Rama Tirtha - Hindi (28 Volumes)
Volume 1                  Volume 9            Volume 16             Volume 24
Volume 2                  Volume 10          Volume 17 -18       Volume 25
Volume 3                  Volume 11          Volume 19             Volume 26
Volume 4                  Volume 12          Volume 20             Volume 27
Volume 5                  Volume 13          Volume 21             Volume 28
Volume 6                  Volume 14          Volume 22   
Volume 7-9               Volume 15          Volume 23    


  1. Dear Shankara,
    Thanks for the great effort. Please correct the links.

  2. Dear sir, the word 'thanks' is insufficient to express my gratitude for providing me to download such an invaluable treasure that too free of cost.
    Jayant Kumar Roopchandani

  3. Ramu,

    Thanks for pointing out the error. I have rectified and checked all the links. They are all working now.

  4. Namaskaar Shankara Ji,
    Thank you very much for making the Complete Works of Swami Rama Tirtha - Hindi, available to interested parties.
    I was not able to access or download Volumes 16, 19, 21, 24, and 26.
    Are these volumes still available? If so, I would very much like to read them. Would it be possible to re-upload the same to make them accessible?
    Or please send me a message or post relevant links from where I may access the above listed volumes of Complete Works of Swami Rama Tirtha - Hindi.
    Thank you.

  5. Vivek,

    I checked the links of the volumes mentioned by you. They are all working.

    I have uploaded the whole set to the following page at The download links are on the left side bar. There are links to various formats like djvu, pdf, epub, kindle and daisy.

  6. Fountain of Pure Bliss
    Contained in a few volumes.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I don't know hoe to say "thanks" as you have given a pot of nectar to a thirsty man.Swami Ram Tirtha is my idol since childhood. I have read his biography by Puran Singh. I wanted to buy his complete works. You have given here free of cost. How can I ask for more?
    I have become the follower of this site. A GREAT SITE INDEED.

  8. i am very happy to get series of diamond books.

  9. great books on the path of spirituality

  10. swami ji was realised soul pls help us also swami ji to become realised in this birth and keep us beyond mind soon thanks

  11. Ram ram ji,
    Thanks for making these precious pearls available for free.

  12. Ram ram ji,
    Thanks for making these precious pearls available for free!!

  13. आपने इन अमूल्य रत्नों को देकर जो हम पर उपकार किया है,इसके लिये हम आपके आभारी हैं।आप ईश्वर के दैवीय कार्य में सहयोगी हुए हैं अत: आपने महान पुण्य का संचय किया है।

  14. Shrinaarayan
    I want a book of collection of Letters written by Swami Ramtirthji to his Guruji. The name of book is "Guru ke Shricharno mein Raam-Patra". If anyone have or knows where I get this book surely then do reply.

  15. Mahesh Gupta,

    Swami Ramatirtha's letters to his Guruji are included in volumes 17 & 18 of Rama Tirtha Granthavali. Its download link is there at the bottom of the post.

  16. Rama is getting his works translated into kannada through me. 28 vol. hindi e-books are of great support in this work. Is 7th vol. of `In Woods of God-Realization' included in these e-books?

    1. Sridharan,

      Glad to know that you have taken up the task of translating Rama's works into Kannada. I have not compared the contents of hindi volumes with those of English. So, I cannot confirm whether the contents of volume 7 in English is covered in Hindi volumes.

  17. really very nice work . thanks a lot .if possible please also upload jhaneshwari geeta ,

    1. English translation of Jnaneshvari by RK Bhagawat is available at

  18. I want a book 'Vedant Chhandawali'. Is anybody have it? PDF is better option.

  19. Vedanta Chandavali is available online at

  20. thank you very much for this great work sir some shankracharya book also post it.

  21. Thanxx...a lot sir...u r the greatest who has provided such a precious gift...i really love too much ...Swami Rama...his words make me happy in worst conditions☺